CalciGrow Mag - granulated fertilizer lime rich in magnesium

Range of liming needs Soil agronomic category and pH
Necessary do 4,0 do 4,5 do 4,5 do 4,5
Needful 4,1-4,5 4,6-5,0 5,1-5,5 5,6-6,0
Recommended 4,6-5,0 5,1-5,5 5,6-6,0 6,1-6,5
Limited 5,1-5,5 5,6-6,0 6,1-6,5 6,6-7,0
Redundant od 5,6 od 6,1 od 6,6 od 7,1

Lime parameters: CaO 35-45%, MgO 8-19%, CaO+MgO min. 45% variety 05

CalciGrow Mag is a product for soil deacidification - it restores its natural pH, supplements calcium and magnesium deficiencies so necessary for the proper growth and development of plants. It is used for deacidification and fertilization of soils with too low pH: in fields, in orchards and gardens, meadows and pastures, or in home vegetable gardens

The recommended dose is 500-1000 kg/ha. Dosage should be preceded by soil tests and adjusted to the result and optimal conditions for plant development. Liming is best done in the post-harvest or late autumn period. However, they can be used all year round. Thanks to its solubility in an acidic environment, it is used not more often than every 2-3 years, which contributes to significant savings.


A product of completely natural origin - as a crushed mineral rock.

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