Sandra Drabik - new sponsoring representative

On January 17, 2023, a press conference was held on the changes regarding the sponsorship of sports carried out by the INDUSTRIA group. We are pleased to announce that Sandra Drabik has become the new sponsoring representative of ŚGP INDUSTRIA. Sandra is a multi-medalist of the Polish and European boxing championships, world champion in kick-boxing and an Olympian from Tokyo 2020.

For many years of her dynamic career, Sandra has shown commitment not only on the boards of the ring 🥊, but also in supporting sport primarily for the development of children and youth, which aroused a lot of positive emotions. Its current task will be to attract entrepreneurs from Świętokrzyskie for sports clubs in the region and, as part of cooperation, to increase their involvement in the promotion of movement and physical activities.

Świętokrzyskie Industrial Group INDUSTRIA as one of the economic leaders of the region, associated with the Świętokrzyskie region from the beginning, proudly supports the activities of local athletes.

INDUSTRIA strongly supports numerous football clubs, such as GKS Gród Ćmisk, GKS Wicher Miedziana Góra, ŁKS Probudex Łagów and the youth Korona Kielce Academy, as well as the Kielce Boxing Club RUSHH. In addition, the company appreciates the extraordinary achievements of representatives of the Świętokrzyskie athletics and individual sports. On a daily basis, he strongly supports Kasia Furmanekthe medalist of the European Junior Championships and the medalist of the Polish Senior Championships in the hammer throw, Karolina Młodawskathe medalist in the long jump and triple jump, as well as Sandra Drabik. We were also happy to support the organization of the prestigious World Karate Championships in our city.

One of the company’s latest sponsorship activities is the title sponsor of the handball sports clubINDUSTRIA Kielce.


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