ŚGP INDUSTRIA invests in a large photovoltaic farm

On February 14, 2023, a contract was officially signed for the supply and construction of a photovoltaic installation with a capacity of up to 3 MW, which will be located at the Jaźwica mine in the Nowiny commune in the Kielce poviat. ML SYSTEM undertook the task of building a PV farm on the reclaimed northern heap of the mine. This is the latest investment of our Company in renewable energy sources. The production of green energy from zero-emission energy sources is one of the key goals of the 2030 plan “Towards a Green Transformation”.

As Magdalena Szczukiewicz, director of development and marketing at Świętokrzyskie Industrial Group INDUSTRIA, pointed out, the investment is one of the significant steps in the process of green transformation of the Świętokrzyskie Mines of Mineral Resources, and the generated energy will be used to power production plants, as well as to produce green hydrogen in order to achieve low-emissions.

“The energy landscape of Poland is changing before our eyes, and most importantly, it is becoming greener. Today, renewable energy sources are used by entities from many industries, including the mining sector. We are glad that we are actively participating in this transformation. Our segment of classic photovoltaics for commercial power industry and SMEs has excellent prospects. We participate in subsequent tenders and competition procedures, we hope for their positive conclusion.” – comments Dawid Cycoń, president of ML System.

Świętokrzyskie Industrial Group INDUSTRIA, aware of the energy challenges faced by industrial entrepreneurs, came up with the initiative to establish the Łaszczyński Brothers’ Central Hydrogen Cluster in 2021. The aim of the Cluster is to create an open forum of cooperation, in which all entities willing to act for the development of zero-emission energy sources and the production of green hydrogen in the Świętokrzyskie region, are invited to participate. ML System joined the Cluster in July 2022.

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