Miner's Day in nursery and primary schools

As every year, on the occasion of St. Barbara’s Day, nursery and primary schools are visited by our miners from the Świętokrzyskie Industrial Group INDUSTRIA (formerly Świętokrzyskie Mines of Mineral Resources). The youngest learn about the cultural heritage of our region, the history of our mines, and above all, they can find out what the work of a miner in our Świętokrzyskie region is all about today.

Miners come to schools in ceremonial gala uniforms and conduct meetings with children. During the visit, topics related to the extraction and processing of rock raw materials, the history of our 3 mines and their importance for the region are discussed. Children find out what Barbórka is, they get to know the miner’s gala outfit.

One of the nursery school visited by our representatives last week was No. 24 in Kielce. The children learned what a mining shako is and why it has different feathers, a sword and how many buttons the uniform has. Preschoolers heard warning sounds accompanying the explosions and watched a film showing the work in the mine dealing with the extraction of stone. At the end of the visit, everyone took a commemorative photo with the shako.

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