Transport of aggregates

We offer transport of natural aggregates from one of the three mines included in the complex of Świętokrzyskie Industrial Group INDUSTRIA S.A. Our Devonian dolomites are available in various granulation. The Winna, Laskowa and Jaźwica mines supply aggregates for road construction, production of concrete, bituminous mixtures and for all other applications. We offer direct transport of aggregates from all our mines to the locations indicated by the ordering party. See the detailed offer of our AGGREGATES.

The ordering party may order the aggregate to be transported from Kielce directly from one of our three mines. With our aggregates, you will carry out any technological process.

Choose direct transport of aggregates from Świętokrzyskie Industrial Group INDUSTRIA S.A.

Choose tried-and-tested Devonian dolomites and the quality guarantee. 


Transport of lime fertilizers

We offer a high-quality lime fertilizer with delivery. Farms, distributors and producers of fertilizers may order the transport from one of our mines  – the Winna, Laskowa and Jaźwica with delivery by road or railway. Transported lime is a ready-made raw material that can be used for fertilization or as a byproduct with a granulation of 0-2 mm. It is worth mentioning that the raw material from individual deposits differs in a certain range of magnesium content. To find out about its detailed offer visit the OFFER tab.


Not only do farmers from the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship appreciate the quality of our carbonate lime fertilizers. Our products provide an excellent solution to the common problem of soil acidification. Regular transports of our lime fertilizers directly from the deposit allow to neutralize the progressive acidification of the soil, caused by the use of nitrogen fertilizers, typical agrotechnical procedures and industrial activity.

It has to be highlighted that our Dewonit carbonate lime fertilizer dissolves even several years after its application. However, the scale of industrial activity and all the agrotechnical measures gradually acidify the soil. In order to neutralize the unfavorable progressive acidification of the soil, it is recommended to regularly fertilize the crops with our Dewonit lime fertilizer. The transport of our fertilizers from Kielce can be ordered at any time, by road and railway from the Jaźwica, Laskowa and Winna mines.

Call us and learn more about the possibility to transport our aggregates and lime fertilizers by road and railway to the location of your choice.

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