The main objective of Świętokrzyskie Industrial Group INDUSTRIA is the production of high quality construction products in the form of aggregates. In order to meet the expectations of our Customers, we have implemented the Factory Production Control System (ZKP), which is constantly being improved. Our staff is aware of the responsibility for the quality of the product at every stage, starting with the extraction of the raw rock and finishing with the transport of the finished product to the customer. Quality control of products is performed by a qualified team of employees with many years of experience.

Our company has its own Research and Development Department, which is an internal laboratory. We possess our own research equipment of a high quality. The evaluation of final products is based on the results obtained from the tests conducted according to the schedule and strictly in accordance with the requirements of European standards. The purpose of factory production control is to obtain finished products with stable parameters.

Our aggregates are tested for the following parameters according to PN-EN standards:

  • Sieve analysis – allows to monitor grain compositions of produced aggregates in such a way that production in the scope of sub-grain, over-grain and dust control is strictly within declared categories
  • Resistance to disintegration based on the Los Angeles coefficient – determines the possibility of the use of our aggregates in both cement and asphalt concretes of high class
  • Frost resistance – as a test indicating the influence of atmospheric factors on aggregates
  • Sand index SE after Proctor compaction – allows us to test the content of fine particles and thus to evaluate the obtained substructure parameters in terms of its susceptibility to frost
  • Bearing capacity index CBR – this method allows us to determine the bearing capacity of aggregate intended for road foundations.
  • Density and water absorption
  • Bulk density
  • Shape indices

In addition to production control in our in-house laboratory, we also perform tests in accredited external units.The effectiveness of our quality control activities is confirmed by the annual positive assessment of the Institute of Mechanised Construction and Rock Mining.

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