Our employees contribute to the success of our company. Ambitious goals and challenges enable them to initiate and implement new solutions, and consequently provide an opportunity for self-realization and broadening of knowledge. Friendly and safe workplaces should be a priority. We support the development of professional competencies and the application of open communication principles. The above-mentioned activities result in long-term careers within the company’s structures with the possibility of development at every stage of employment.
Marcin Wójcik, Technical Director

Marcin Wójcik, Technical Director of Świętokrzyskie Industrial Group INDUSTRIA, started his work at the Laskowa mine as a driller’s helper. He gained experience in the basics of mechanics – operating a drilling rig and other construction machinery. In 2000 he obtained his first mining license in mechanical specialization.

His career in the company’s structures was accompanied by continuous improvement of his skills – obtaining the qualifications of a mechanical supervisor, foreman and mechanical superintendent. The position of Technical Director, assumed from 2019, entails responsibility for the maintenance of machinery and equipment. Responsibility for electrical and mechanical investments, maintenance, investigating and responding to breakdowns, overhauls, and determining the necessary technology to meet objectives are just some of the daily tasks.

He owes his continuous professional development to industry, project and electrical software trainings. When asked if machines are able to replace humans he answers definitely, ‘No. Human experience – of electricians, miners and mechanics – is indispensable. Machines will never replace human intuition. With experience and intuition, you can quickly make effective decisions.’

Technical production control relies on constant contact with directors, mine managers, and persons of higher supervision. After receiving information from the first source, effective actions are taken.

In October this year, Marcin Wójcik will be celebrating his 25th work anniversary. “Does working in one place, after more than two decades, still give you pleasure?” “From the smallest screw, to a machine, a plant modernization… – it is always interesting. Every step, every investment, every troubleshooting is a daily challenge.”

“The best day at work?” –  “The holiday of every miner – St. Barbara’s Day.”

After work, he is a keen footballer. As the captain of the team of Świętokrzyskie Industrial Group INDUSTRIA (at the time Świętokrzyskie Mines of Mineral Resources), together with the players from the office and the “Jaźwica”, “Winna” and “Laskowa” mines, he led to winning second place for the cup of the Mayor of Chęciny.

Olga Rutkowska-Królik, Health and Safety Specialist

Areas of activity: geology, surface mining, health and safety
Olga Rutkowska-Królik, Health and Safety Specialist, started her career in the Laskowa mine in Miedziana Góra, as a mining forewoman.

‘You have to learn everything, but first there has to be someone who is willing to pass on the knowledge. There were such persons here.’ , Olga recalls her first days at the company.

16 years ago, she was hired along with two other employees, directly after graduation, each in a different mine and of no work experience. It was our first job – we were given the opportunity to practice in the mine’s operations and further validate our qualifications. In the following years, this involved changing jobs to higher positions. She is now the first person in the company where a new employee learns about the details of maintaining safety within the company’s structures. She has taken on the role of mentor.

Olga graduated in geology from the AGH University of Science and Technology. As time went by, there was a need for a degree in opencast mining. Now, after completing her third field of study, she is a Health and Safety Specialist.

Beginnings as an OHS specialist were demanding – the area of three mines, a large number of machines and equipment. The basis for success turned out to be 10-years expertise. If it hadn’t been for her experience and education on mining profile as well as the knowledge of regulations required by law and ordinances, the efficient operation at a high level would not have been possible. The complementarity of knowledge and experience proved to be crucial.

She conducts a large part of his activities in the company’s office, but an integral part of her work are visits to mines – visual assessment of working conditions and compliance with procedures. She cooperates with Directors, Managers and the Technical Department on a regular basis. ‘We all talk to each other. We meet. We agree.’ When asked what day she remembers best, she says, ‘Every day is special. The team we create is well-coordinated, it consists of good, experienced people.’

Her own projects – such as the security system for blocking energy sources, increasing the safety of employees or involvement in the project of adapting technological processes to the requirements of the mines – which involves the development of appropriate documentation, procedures, training and purchase of necessary materials – are carried out with full commitment.

After 16 years of employment, when asked about her plans for the future, she answers energetically, ‘You have to develop continuously.’

Zygmunt Świercz

Zygmunt Świercz started working for the company under the name of the Kielce Mines of Mineral Resources, at the beginning of 1984. He remembers the times when we used to drive around the production plant in Czech “Tatras”. In his first year of work, the Jaźwica mine extracted aggregate from level 2. For comparison – today the mine has reached the 8th level. For more than 30 years of work, Zygmunt has had the opportunity to improve his professional qualifications, including obtaining a licence for a mobile crane without weight restrictions.

When asked about the memory that stuck in his mind the most, he recalls the project entitled “ideas for improvement” in which he took part. Together with a colleague, they devised a plan to extend the lifespan of tires for a Czech truck, commonly known as a “tachacz”. The idea turned out to be so successful that he received an award from the management.

Today, Mr. Zygmunt holds the position of a Haul Track Driver and is a CAT mining truck operator. For years he has been observing and praising the technological development of the production plant. He also stresses the great importance of teamwork in the mine. He reminds his younger colleagues of the significance of their own and their co-workers’ safety. Zygmunt spends his free time with his grandchildren. He also enjoys spending time in the mountains – he is passionate about hiking and is always accompanied by his wife.

Wiesława Bogdańska

Wiesława Bogdańska started working in the company at the time when it was called the Kielce Mines of Mineral Resources. However, she was not convinced that she wanted to take up the challenge in the accounting department straight after her high school graduation.

She recalls very fondly her recruitment interview and the Chief Accountant who, already during the first meeting, emphasized the importance of relaxing one’s eyes and looking at the green color.

Wiesława recalls the accounting department before the advent of computers – all the work was done manually and counting machines called “adders” were very noisy. The breakthrough came with the former President’s decision to buy the first computers – Wiesława fought for the accounting department to be the first to receive them.

She remembers those times with fondness, good working atmosphere and the manager who was like a second mother to the team.

Over the years Wiesława had the opportunity to perform managerial functions, she attended various courses, trainings and constantly improved her qualifications.

She experienced the adventure of her life – she went on the pilgrimage to the Holy Father John Paul II. As the youngest participant, she laid flowers on Monte Casino. To this day she remembers shaking hands with the Pope. The people in the accounting department helped her make this trip a reality. Such an experience allows to look at life from a different perspective.

In her free time Wiesława rides a bicycle… and guess what! – as a passenger on a motorcycle. While riding she admires our beautiful country. She loves fashion. Her outfits are always thought over and refined – and she herself derives a lot of joy from it.

Mrs. Wiesława appeals to her co-workers to be always kind and cheerful. “We should remember about caring about the relations between employees – it translates into good and fruitful cooperation for many years.”

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