As a company with an immense long tradition and experience in the market, Świętokrzyskie Industrial Group INDUSTRIA S.A. is aware that we operate in a closed-cycle economy with our Partners, Customers, Employees and the Environment. We can’t take anything for granted, therefore every day we work hard to ensure that our services and activities meet the expectations of all our co-workers. We are proud of every kind word from our Customers, smile and passion of our Employees and the fact that we have a real impact on the changes taking place in our local environment.

Customer and market

Priority: Building lasting relationships with clients based on fair practices, transparency and openness, and increasing the availability of services provided.

  • Serving customers according to the highest standards
  • Transparent way of preparing offers
  • Building lasting relationships with customers
  • Responsible marketing communication
  • Adjusting the offer to the highest standards and customer needs
  • Creating awareness among business partners and competitors


  • Paying obligations on time
  • Supporting local suppliers
  • Differentiating and adjusting communications to a specific stakeholder group
  • Agile development of distribution processes (collecting and processing orders, controlling inventory levels, monitoring product quality)
  • Improving the efficiency of supply chain processes
  • Reducing the number of manual errors made by employees
  • Improving the quality of order fulfillment (reducing the number of complaints)
  • Increasing production efficiency
  • Improving on-time delivery
  • Reducing downtime


Priority: Shaping a friendly and safe workplace, supporting the development of professional skills, and applying the principles of open communication and dialogue with employees


  • Increase of employee satisfaction and commitment
  • Building the image of a responsible employer
  • Building an effective organization based on the unique competences
    and qualifications of its employees
  • Creating opportunities for skill development through trainings
  • Strengthening the competence of managerial staff
  • Continuous improvement of employee safety, effective pursuit of continuous and sustained improvement of occupational health and safety
  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle

Local community

Priority: Community support, building community partnerships, charity actions, supporting community initiatives


  • To undertake activities for local communities - in response to their needs
  • Development of cooperation with social partners
  • Supporting educational initiatives
  • Involvement in initiatives uniting employees around positive values

Environmental protection

Priority: Care for environmental issues in all areas of business activity, reduction of atmospheric emissions and concern for rational use of resources


  • Focusing on minimizing the negative impact on the environment
  • Undertaking initiatives aimed at promotion of ecological responsibility
  • Supporting research and investments for sustainable development
  • Reducing emissions of pollution into the air
  • Reducing the negative impact of our operations on the environment
  • Using proven processes and procedures when complying with environmental standards


Priority: Innovation as the main creative force of the enterprise, permanently inscribed in the management system


  • Market orientation, taking into account customer expectations and competition
  • Developed science - innovation – economy relations
  • High innovativeness of the organization of both the company and the region; it is a dynamic system taking into account the flexibility, adaptability, efficiency and speed of its actions
  • Creation of factors stimulating the development of innovations, i.e. information and knowledge; generation of new ideas and the efficiency of their processing into product, process and service innovations

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