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On June 11, at 16:30 at the Municipal Stadium in Starachowice, a press conference was held, during which a sponsorship agreement was solemnly signed with the Municipal Sports Club STAR Starachowice and Świętokrzyskie Industrial Group INDUSTRIA S.A. As part of the signed contract, ŚGP INDUSTRIA obtained the title of the Club Sponsor.

At the time of signing the contract, the following were present: President of the Management Board of ŚGP INDUSTRIA – Szczepan Ruman, President of MKS Star Starachowice – Mirosław Świrta and Emil Krzemiński – Vice President of the club, Marcin Perz – President of the Starachowice Special Economic Zone. The guest of honor was the Member of the Polish Parliament – Mr. Krzysztof Lipiec, who has been actively supporting and cheering football players from Starachowice for many football seasons. 

MKS STAR Starachowice is a club that has been operating for nearly 100 years and has a long history, full of important and groundbreaking moments, which each time improved the players’ game and improved the status of the club. The Company’s support will allow for the development of MKS STAR Starachowice, which has now won promotion to the 3rd League with great success and advantage. Today’s ceremony is a new chapter in the history of the green and black team, which opens new perspectives for the development of the club. The sponsorship agreement was signed for a period of 1 calendar year. For this time, the Sponsor’s logo is to be placed on the front of the club shirts

“Esteemed fans of Star Starachowice. I would like to congratulate you today, which I do to the President of the club, Mirosław Świrta. Despite the fact that the games this season have not come to an end, we already know that Star Starachowice has advanced to the third league” – with these words Krzysztof Lipiec, MP, began the meeting – “For many years, I have personally made sure that financial resources reach the club from many directions. Today, a very important company from Kielce, Świętokrzyska Grupa Przemysłowa INDUSTRIA, joins the group of sponsors. It is an entity that will certainly I would like to thank Mr. Szczepan Ruman, President of INDUSTRIA, as well as Mr. Marcin Perz from the Starachowice Special Economic Zone for signing two contracts totaling PLN 240,000 today. this stadium is the last match, because it will be modernized with money coming from government funds.I know that Star Starachowice will take part in the match at the stadium in Kielce in the fight for the Polish Cup. Already today I wish success for my club, for Star Starachowice.”

“I am glad that we have such sponsors and I hope that we will repay with results that are already quite promising. We will do everything to ensure that the fans also have satisfaction from our fight on the pitch and organizing good sports events. I hope that next year it will play for something more” – said the President of the Management Board of STAR Starachowice, Mirosław Świrt.

The Vice-President of the Management Board of STAR Starachowice, Emil Krzemiński, described the event in these words: “Today is exceptional in many aspects and is a classic example of striving for a goal. It is also a sign of good cooperation. It is also an example of saying that something ends and something begins. Star Starachowice returns to the 3rd league after 22 years, and it’s all thanks to the hard work of many people associated with the club, headed by the president Mirosław Świrta. Sports promotions entail higher costs, so I would like to thank the President of Industria for his trust and support, which I hope will be the beginning of our long-term cooperation. In addition, this agreement would not exist if it were not for the involvement of Mr. Krzysztof Lipiec. With the own contribution of the Starachowice Commune, a facility will be built here for nearly PLN 30 million. We are playing in the 3rd league ahead of us, therefore, taking into account all the above-mentioned aspects, we are very happy that Świętokrzyska Grupa Przemysłowa INDUSTRIA S.A. at the central level. will play with us as a sponsor of our club, a sponsor and partner that gives us a chance to further develop not only the senior club, but also the youth groups of our STAR Starachowice Football Academy.”

Supporting regional sport and emphasizing the importance of promoting a healthy and active lifestyle  for the Świętokrzyskie Industrial Group INDUSTRIA. Once again, ŚGP INDUSTRIA proves how important sports clubs from the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship and all their ambitious actions are for the Company

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